2022/23 Season

2022/23 Season

Yes, we’re starting again in full

Update – League is full again. email us if interested in getting on the 23/24 waitlist

Tentative Schedule.

Mon. Sept 26th – LEAGUE DRAFT NIGHT – Leacock CI 7:30pm
Mon. Sept 26th – PRACTICE NIGHT at remaining GYMS
Mon. Oct. 3th – TEAM FEES DUE by 7:00pm –
Mon. Oct. 3th – FIRST NIGHT OF PLAY – Pre-Season Night 1 of 3
Mon. Oct. 10th – NO VOLLEYBALL – Thanksgiving
Mon. Oct. 17rd – Pre-Season Night 2 of 3
Mon. Oct. 24th – Pre-Season Night 3 of 3
Mon Oct 31st – NO VOLLEYBALL – Halloween

Mon. Nov. 7th – Regular Season Night 1 of 17
Mon. Nov. 14th – CAPTAINS MEETING – Blackhorn at 6:00pm Mon. Nov. 14th – Regular Season Night 2 of 17
Mon. Nov. 21th – Regular Season Night 3 of 17
Mon. Nov. 28th – Regular Season Night 4 of 17
Mon. Dec. 5nd – Regular Season Night 5 of 17
Mon. Dec. 12th – Regular Season Night 6 of 17
Mon. Dec. 12th – REGISTRATION DEADLINE – All future roster additions cost 20$
Mon. Dec. 19th – NO VOLLEYBALL – Christmas break
Mon. Dec. 26th – NO VOLLEYBALL – Christmas Break
Mon. Jan 2nd – NO VOLLEYBALL – Christmas Break
Mon. Jan. 9th – Regular Season Night 7 of 17
Mon. Jan. 16th – Regular Season Night 8 of 17
Mon. Jan. 23rd – Regular Season Night 9 of 17
Mon. Jan. 30th – Regular Season Night 10 of 17
Mon. Feb. 6rd – Regular Season Night 11 of 17
Mon. Feb 6rd – ROSTER LOCKED – No more changes.
Mon. Feb. 13th – Regular Season Night 12 of 17
Mon. Feb. 20th – NO VOLLEYBALL – Family Day
Mon. Feb. 27th – Regular Season Night 13 of 17
Mon. Mar. 6th – Regular Season Night 14 of 17
Mon. Mar. 13th – NO VOLLEYBALL – March Break
Mon. Mar. 20th – Regular Season Night 15 of 17
Mon. Mar. 27th – TEAM DEPOSITS DUE
Mon. Mar. 27th – CAPTAINS MEETING – 6:00pm Blackhorn. Mon Mar.27th – Regular Season Night 16 of 17

Mon. Apr 3rd – Regular Season Night 17 of 17
Mon. Apr. 10th – EASTER NO PLAY
Mon. Apr. 17th – Tier Quarter-Finals
Mon. Apr. 24th – Tier Semi-Finals
Mon. May 1st – League Championships – AWARDS/SOCIAL


Playoff Rules

Schedule is up!

Couple notes . Let’s please work together and get courts setup so we can start on time (This if for captains not refs)

Please start at 6:45. If teams are short start with whatever players are there

6 team Rules

6:45 – 7:15 C VS F (g1) D vs E (g2) A vs B
7:15 – 8:00 A vs W (g3) B vs W (g4) L1 vs L2 (g5)
8:00- 8:50 w3 vs w4 wg5 vs lg3 lg5 vs lg4

4 minute Buzzer at 7:10, 7:55 and 8:45
One 30s timeout per MATCH were short on time.
Quarterfinal is 1 game starting at 0 going to 25 win by 2. if 4 min buzzer goes, and 25 is reached with win by 2 its over. If 25 is not met, then play continues for the 4 mins until final buzzer at which its final point. 1 last serve if Tie.

Semis team A plays lowest seeded winner of quarters
Highest seed team picks court for finals
Games start at 8 for semi/finals at 6 team gym. (IF We are 10Mins ahead of time going into finals we could start at 4/4)
Semi/finals hard cap 25 for g1/2, if g3 required it’s 25 win by 2 or time limit

All matches still have 4 min warning buzzer+final buzzer for time limit. If deciding game finishes at 25 with win by 2 previous to either buzzer it’s done.

4 team rules
Time Court 1 Court 2
6:45 – 7:45 A vs D B vs C
7:50 – 8:50 W1 vs W2 L1 vs L2

4 min Buzzer at 7:40 and 8:45
One 30s timeout per GAME
Highest seed team picks court for Finals.
Games all start at 0. Go to 25 or Buzzer
All matches still have 4 min warning buzzer+final buzzer for time limit. if 4 min buzzer goes, and 25 is reached with win by 2 its over. If 25 is not met, then play continues for the 4 mins until final buzzer at which its final point. 1 last serve if Tie after final buzzer


Playoffs are on!

Quick playoffs this year. Night 1 April 11th will be seeding night. So all teams move on to finals, but the results of this nights play will give rankings

Final night for tiers 1-4 will have a 6 team elimination style bracket, with all teams playing each time slot. for Tier 5 we will do a 4 team semis/finals.

Best of luck to all!


Monday Feb 28th a go

Here we go! We are on for Monday the 28th!

Reminder, all players/officials must be Double Vaxed and be ready to show proof at the gym

Permits are 6:30-9pm. With playing time 6:45-8:50. Please make sure to clean up and get out quickly after.

Docs are posted. Team D please print if possible!

Play with 4 is allowed, we don’t want defaults we want to get these 7 nights in!

Hopefully more information coming, we still have some permit issues but hopefully they will be resolved on Monday.

Kit and your SMVA Exec


Captains Meeting Sept 15, 7:00PM

As discussed, 20/21 season is on hold pending availability of permits for gym space. Communications from the permit department of the two school boards we rent space from has been that no permits are currently being issued for community use of schools.

PPL has committed to revisit this no earlier than Nov, and the TDSB will revisit for Jan.

As soon as we receive further updates on gym availability, we will send an email out to Captains.


Corona update

We are on hold pending everything going on.

Earliest restart day would be April 6th

Stay safe and stay away from people!


Happy March Break! Reminder Captain meeting and deposits due

Reminder we are off for the week of March Break. We are back with our Captains meeting on the 23rd where deposits are due for next year. We can also accept the deposits after play at the 3 Monkeys.

Thanks for getting the results in quickly! The Schedule for the 23rd is already posted


Revised scoresheets for King and Wexford – Jan 27th

Here are the revised scoresheet for tonight reflecting the changes at King and Wexford.

Note, only these two gyms are impacted.



Jan 27 GYM changes. Wexford/King swap

We have swapped for 1 night King/wexford

Playing at King . (teir 6)

a Death From Above
b Haikyuu Smash
c Da Rock
d Screaming Eagles
e Fat and Lazy
f Hitmen

Playing at Wexford (tier 7)
a Toronto Warriors
b Sharks
c Cobras
d Smells Like Carrots


Schedule is coming!!!! Agincourt is closed all gyms will have 1 extra team

its coming! sorry for the delay, but we have a gym closed.