Team Responsibilities

1. Team D is responsible for overall gym operations:
a) print the gym score sheets and bring them;
b) hand out any notices from the league to team captains;
c) start the clock at 7:20 p.m. and monitor throughout the night;
d) clean-up in the gym afterwards (boxes, tables, poles, garbage);

2. The winning team in each tier is responsible for returning the end of night results to the league executive via email to

Please note that it is not the responsibility of the league executive to deliver the score sheets to the gyms.

3. Setup and Takedown of Nets:
a) Teams, as designated on the smva schedule, are responsible for setting up the nets and antennae.
b) The winning team of the first game of the last match has the responsibility of taking down the net, storing it in the box and putting the posts away.

4. Entering the Scores:
The winning team is responsible for entering the scores for both teams on the scoresheet. All captains need to check their scores at the end of the night to make sure everything is correct. All points and gym locations for the following week need to be filled in. Check the Website by mid-week for any updates. If there are any errors, contact Rob immediately at

5. Penalties:
a) Team D is financially responsible for the contents of the box if a loss is due to their negligence.
b) If Team D does not provide the score sheets before the games start, it affects both the referees and the other teams, so the penalty for Team D is 4 defaults against their limit of 9.Their points won that night are still counted.
c) Failure of teams to have the nets ready by 7:20 p.m. will result in a default of the first game.